Piles remedies are important if your condition hasn’t settled down after a couple of days. This is a sign that it could be time to find a doctor’s consult. The doctor may provide you a lot of ideas and guidance in terms of piles cure after a physical examination of the condition. Rest assured that the condition can be handled through several ways including operation, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, over the counter medications, painkillers, injections, medical drugs, etc.. It is for you to decide what method to choose and your doctor to direct you into choosing the best option accessible. If surgery is exactly what you have been recommended, its better that you do your study over and above the advice offered to you by the physician.

First of all, you should know that there are many surgeries for piles like rubber band ligation, stapled hemorrhoidectomy, laser treatment, hemorrhoidectomy, and sclerotherapy. Rubber band ligation is a procedure which may be done for prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. In this procedure the doctor ties a few tight rubber bands around the base of the piles, which causes them to reduce their blood supply. When this causes some discomfort for the individual, the process is fairly straightforward and in a couple of times the individual is relieved of his piles problem. Another procedure popular to treat internal hemorrhoids is laser treatment. Simple and less painful, this treatment is usually used to scar and harden internal piles. The only distinction is laser therapy is used from the prior, sclerotherapy involves injecting a particular compound into the hemorrhoid to induce scarring.


The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes if performed by an expert and includes eliminating the abnormally lax and expanded hemorrhoidal tissue that causes the piles to drop out of place. It is much faster and less painful when compared with traditional hemorrhoidectomy, and it is a surgical procedure which requires the individual to be hospitalized for at least a day. While the chances of getting piles after this process are quite less, the procedure involves surgery in an operation theatre, which translates into dangers of complications.

Surgery may seem like one of the fastest ways to eliminate this illness, but even in the event that you have made your mind up to undergo with a particular option in surgery there might be a waiting period. In the mean time you might choose to ask your physician about some stacks how to cure piles you can do in your home. Doctors often recommend warm Sits baths, homemade fruit concoctions, exercise routines, over the counter drugs and special diets for patients suffering from piles.

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